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My Medications List helps you keep track of your medicines
rusfears — 5 years ago
Overall, this is a great program for keeping RX records. I am using it so I don't have to go through the whole year of receipts when I do taxes. It is detailed (though doesn't force you to use every single entry) and the column-spreadsheet style makes it easy to interpret. No more forgetting when you need a refill until you are out and the pharmacy is closed! (Especially for people, like me, who fill medications that aren't routinely stocked and have to be special-ordered which takes a few days)!The only thing I would like to change is to have the option to customize the columns (for example, a column for the pharmacy filled-as sometimes my usual can't get a particular med, or if I am on the other side of the town... A column for the prescribing doctor. I also think it'd be easier to manage if the first column was date filled and you could choose to order oldest to newest (which you can, but the date filled is more of a calculation for determining the next refill date than a "query". These are minor things so I recommend this program for anyone who wants to manage their prescriptions (save, backup, print!), for taxes, money management, or any other reason! Very useful.
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